No Worries my ass

I will tell people “No Worries”, bullshit.  I am hearing this slang used multiple per day in voice, text, and emails.  WTF I am not even worried but people use this loosely and they’re not even Jewish.   How can the world adopt this phrase like this like we are all worried.

I came up with a phrase better than that one, and it’s “Shove off Mate”..  I like the sound if it better and it doesn’t come across so pussy like “no worries”.  At least mine is like go away man, but with an Australian flare.

Shove off Mate


Is estrogen and radiation brother and sister?

I think estrogen and radiation have a lot in common think about it.  We a little to live, so small doses is essential but large doses are toxic and lethal.

So check this shit out.  Women want attention so they broadcasting or emitting some signal.  I don’t know exactly what protocol they are using and I don’t care.  All I know is when you but a bunch of women together they are are like glow rods and radiate off each other saying all kids of shit at the same time with different subjects and they even menstruate on the same cycle.   If man is left too long with this type of expose it can lead to a full blown denial of service attack on his brain and shut him down.

Think people, this isn’t the first time you have heard that women often outlive men by 5 years?  You wonder why duh?  Radiation / Estrogen exposure at lethal levels.  Do you know how many cigarettes you have to smoke to nuke 5 years of your life?

The moral of the story is take frequent breaks, drink regularly, laugh, and have your own hobbies and interests and don’t ever involve yourself between your mother or sister in law.

Safety first people



Wells Fargo Bank, just sweep it under the rug

Wells Fargo Bank is a company that really knows how to clean house.  When their ass’s get in trouble they run around firing thousands of people, pointing the finger to everyone else. Why take out the trash when you and sweep it under the rug?

Wells Fargo should leave banking and go into the housekeeping business because they are so good at it.  If anyone ever reads this the stories about Wells Fargo secretly opening over 2 million unauthorized accounts and firing over 5,300 employees.  It will probably be old news and nothing will ever happen of it because this cleaning giant will have swept this under the rug as well.

“Thank you for calling WellsFargo the home of the clean ass bitches, you spill we deal with it!”. Just give us a shit load of dollaz and we can makes all your problems go away better than Vince (ShamWow).

Centurylink needs to change name to ShitofdaCentury

Have you ever noticed when Qwest changed hands to CenturyLink the logo became green like a turd.  Well Guess what, it is a turd.   Alot of people have had a bad experience here in and there with a telecom provider somewhere in their lifetime but dealing with these jokes is one of those WTF experiences that leaves you lying flat on your back in bed saying what did I do to deserve this.

They are one of the worst large businesses I have ever dealt with in my life.  They don’t listen and whatever they want too, and involve half the company to talk about pulling a cat5e cable 6 floors.

They even hire people with names like  I wonder if she is a relative to Betty Crocker.  She is better of cooking from a box that coordinating any projects because she never responds to my emails.  But if you had a name like hers I won’t be talking to a lot of people either.

I just that it would be cool to mathematically rename CenturyLink to CenturyStink and then give it a little hip hop flare, add some Ebonics in the middle and bam you of ShitofDaCentury.  Because when you deal with ShitofDaCentury you are dealing with DaShit.