Premier Service = SAF to me

I have been a member of for many years buying their products for my customers.. It looks like it has really forgot to hire enough people to work there.  Either that or employees are running away.  Check this out.. So you have rush order and 3 day Delivery with well it’s over a week late and then they get it to Utah a loose the package with no future updates so when I contact them in the queue look at what number I am.

Yes you got it I am number 147 in the queue !!!

My eyes were going to pop out of my head, you have got to be kidding me.  So I wait and wait and then their site freezes do a refresh now I am number 176??


Screw these guys they are slow as fuck and I can’t kill any more brain cells dealing with their slow system.

Come on Newegg get it together before Amazon and Ebay crush you.. And yes newegg if you read these start testing your open box hardware before selling it so you aren’t just selling broken recycles junk.  Like plug it in and make sure it boots first and wipe the dust off of it before shipping.

So if you are looking for paying for their Premier plan you may want to think twice.



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