Are the roadside warriors hero’s or pigs?

I ask myself as I pass almost every major intersection here in Salt Lake City are these roadside warriors holding signs that say “God Bless You” and “anything helps”.  I think the help they need it two hands to clean up their mess.  It seems like they work the corner and when they are gone for the day all you see is the junk they leave behind.  The water bottles, uneaten food, signs, trash.

So do you help these people by giving them more so they can litter?  I think the only way to help them out to control this problem is to shoot them with a squirt gun full of filtered rotten / fermented grass and cat urine.

The smells like hell and since they don’t know what it is that hits them they will probably puke but they will have to leave because it smells so bad.  I think they deserve it.  Since they like making trash and are a safety hazard to most roadways this would clear them voluntary so they would have to go somewhere else.  The nice thing about this program is that it doesn’t kill, its totally organic and safe and smells like shit.  This way they will bath more frequently and will probably never work a corner again.

Hey roadside warrior this one is for you.. If you are going to act like a pig you will smell like one too.  If you see me coming look out.



The world is a round pot of churning turds

Round and around and round you go and where it stops nobody knows.  Bullshit, we know where is stops.   It seems like the media and it’s constantly regurgitating news and articles day after day week after week so they don’t appear to be so boring.  Well guess what, they are boring.   It like they all hold hands and play pass the hot turd but nobody wants to hold it because its smelly and dirty but they circulate it under the noses of the world to smell.

I think you can read the news once and about a week later they are still circulating the information on different sites like it’s breaking news.  Why can’t they just be honest and stay “it too hot to go out and work today we are boring”.  That would drive high enough rating for viewers so they dumb people down with the same data over and over until people don’t care about anything.

What would be interested if we we had news about the news people.  Like a game of report the reporter.  There might be some good material if we did that, it’s better than the political rhetoric we see daily.  We could have something funny like “Angry reported locked out of house by son only wearing holy garments and cowboy boots”.

Now that would be more important that someone stealing bitcoins or a new law they come up with together in the dark that we know nothing about.

I don’t know if reports would go for it but it would make the news a better place because then people could see that its actually real and there is some truth to it.  Nobody wants rubber turd.


A mans best friend is dog, but a hardcore reader’s is a shop vac

It’s funny how they say a dog is man’s best friend because the dog itself has no true intelligence it just mirrors it’s master.  So the master sees and loves the dog and say’s, he’s just like me.  I don’t know what I can nickname the Dog…  Maybe Stain or Pubes..  I can’t figure out what nickname call the dog by.  Like “Come Stain, come here boy.” or “I would like you to meet my dog Pubes, the way he is sniffing you now it looks like he has taken a real liking to you”.

Either way the dog is licking you or sniffing you, your bond will be everlasting but when his time is to pass your heart will be ripped out of your heart because part of you is dying as well.  You should have bought a sea turtle.  A sea turtle will outlive you so when you die first you can give him the big fuck you and he will be sad not you.

Getting back to the point look at these hardcore antisocial readers, they don’t even put their books down to take a piss, now that is messed up.  They have so much focus in their face with eyes that tear apart humanity page by page as they flip minute by minute.  Now I don’t see any dog but sniffing and licking in this picture.  I see total shop vac shit…  Here are the similarities.   When reading these people forget to breath, they just starting sucking…  Now when they are done with these non picture books the bask in their mind of how good or bad this book was and how it was soooooo much better than the movies.

Let’s get to the blow part..

Wait until your friend tells you about what they just read.  This is where you take off the hose from the suck part of you vac and move it to the blower because the switch is turning on now.  It’s like Denial of service as the blow their knowledge at you and you are left standing there with this dumb as fuck look on your face because you just said nothing.  All you can say is good job.

It’s moments like that when you wish Pubes and Stain where with you to give you a quick sniff.

Are digital and cryptocurrencies safe?

This week bitcoin which is a cryptocurrency was hacked and the hackers stole around 73 million dollars and it drove the stock down almost 20 percent.   When I heard about bitcoin a few years back it was the hot thing and people were buying these big ass computers with high performance video cards because it was the GPU in the video card that would process this mining of the bitcoin.

You can encrypt, isolate, separate, establish better firewalls but at the end of the day it’s all hack able.  I wouldn’t ever invest in something digital as a monetary form.   You need to have it backed with tangible goods and assets.

There are so many things that are backdoor`d in the computer world that there is no such thing as secure or safe.

What’s my password?

I can’t even tell you how many times a week people would say to me, “What’s my password?”.  Its like you have got to be kidding me.  You don’t know what your password is and you type it to log in almost every day.   Having the daily cringe of phone calls and texts of “what’s my password” in my brain.

I didn’t want to live in fear of this stupid problem due to people drinking fluoridated water and meds so I started memorizing everyone’s password to computers, email, wireless access points and I kept past and previous passwords all logged in my head.  Better than that the Dewey Decimal System the library used.  I am so happy Dewey and his family are dead.  It was shitty system that never really worked well.

Some of these people would even have me write their passwords down and stick them on the monitor (like that’s secure) and they would still ask “What’s my password? WTF… ”

Some were so dumb that I said if you handle having a password then you don’t need one and I would take away all of their passwords.

One thing I would recommend is getting a good password manager like KeePassX you can google it.  If you can’t find it then you are probably too dumb to have passwords too.  It’s secure and not online just in your box.  And if your smart keep the passwords on one computer and only access the sites from another computer.  Never keep both of them on the same computer and save them in Firefox because it’s stupid.

Remember, there is no such thing as security, it’s an illusion.  Its all about trust and all the trust is broken because it’s backdoor’d at the hardware and software levels in so many places it’s impossible to truly be secure with any electronic device.  You would have to have pre 2004 hardware and still your upstream is sniffing my packets and constantly trying to get into box.

Its like you have to tell Verizon, Comcast, and every other provider to stick it and cock block them with a hardware firewall to keep them from penetrating your network.

Getting back to the point use a good password manager, only use pass phrases to access it and not password.  The bigger the sentence the better.  Just don’t fucking forget it and ask me. My brain has too much shit in it already and I shouldn’t have to remember it for you too.


What is packet sniffing?

What do you think packet sniffing is?  It’s not what a dog does when he smells your bum but I guess you could call that packet sniffing too.  I am taking about a software program that runs on a computer with a network card that can run in a promiscuous mode (hooker mode).

This slutty software sees everything and does nothing.  All the data pouring across the line just logging traffic.  You can tell her what to look for as far as packets and protocols goes, then go back later and analyze the data.

Great tools for finding problems on networks, viruses, getting passwords and personal data over a network etc.

One good one to look for is WireShark you can load it up and start sniffing some packets yourself.

Are computers getting faster or are we just getting slower?

Can you imagine if the desktop computers we have today had MS DOS 5.0 on there they would be fast as fuck.  I spend 85 percent of my time waiting for slow computers to work.  It seems technology is getting faster but the operating system is becoming more bloated and fat and slowing and loading the hardware down way too much.

So is there really progression?  Not much actually, connectivity yes, accessibility, yes but more productive?  I don’t think so..   They are more of a waste of time now, virus and spyware loaded machines out there and it seems like a lot of software and hardware vendors have their own backdoors in there and updates that seem to make it worse than better.

Now you have people who would rather hold their phone in their hand than their dick.   How can you love a device that causes testicular cancer if left on your sack and it still can’t leave your side, amazing..

Remember, computers are really only a tool to get the job done and so is your dick.  Keep them both clean.

The Original Computer G

As I look at the world as a whole I see very little original and mass duplication that continues to circulate daily.   How can we go day by day getting the same and slightly modified material in our face to regurgitate daily by news media, TV, radio, internet etc.

Props go out to all of you true artists that give a shit to make a difference and make this world beautiful place instead of the daily leftovers those media’s heat up in their microwaves and feed us with a shovel.

I do what I do because I choose too and it’s what makes me feel good, no other reasons.

Make a difference that’s all I can say..  The fitness company Nike almost got it right when they said “Just do it”.  You have to ask yourself WTF is it? It can be anything.   When I am dealing with people I have to choose the lowest common denominator when dealing with people.  I think the phrase “DO” is better because it’s one syllable.  It stands for Defend and Offend and that is something I do every day.

Defend what you believe is personal to you and Offend the fuckers who deserve it.

Could the effects News watching be more dangerous than Porn?

When it comes down it to it what is worse News or Porn?  Ok you are wrong, News is by far the worst and here is why.

  1. Commercials
  2. Commercials
  3. Negative News like people dying all day and nothing funny
  4. A weatherman who is almost 100 percent wrong and wears a Mr. Mac suit
  5. and more commercials

so who gets fucked?  When you watch the news everyone is fucked.

Now when you watch Porn, there are no commercials, no negative news, especially the weatherman and you can see who’s getting fucked.


So which one is more dangerous, you decide.


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