Ubiquity Enterprise Wireless my Ass

I have the UniFi AP-AC v2 and it’s a total piece of crap.  They are overpriced around 300 dollars ave price and they range is mainly in my office of 800sq feet.  I will stick with Engenius forever from here on out.  At least Enginus wireless products have great range and can fry your balls.  This Ubiquity can’t fry crap.. it’s slow upload lags and the controller sucks and is clunky.  I would rather have hemorrhoids than another Ubiquity product.



Which balls have eyes?

I had to get a shot two days ago because I had two rusted railroad tie spikes hit me in the chest and this poison shot give me a fever and a headache.  I felt like I got kicked in the balls but it was my eyeballs.  It made me think about we have these balls and they are the same.  It’s quite interesting to think how redundant the human system was made with two of everything.  I see with my eyeballs and balls at the same time.

Why doesn’t toilet paper have an arrow for stupid people?

I always ask myself how can people continually install a roll of toilet paper backwards?  I can’t exclude family members on this one.  You sit down and pull, then it feeds all over the floor.  People, the shit pulls down, not rolls down from underneath.  Yes I am taking about you professionals in the hotel industry and commercial too.  What do you need, an arrow?  I think that would be the only solution or when you are getting your generals in college you can take Toiletry Edict  6000-7001 and Master that shit.

If you are working behind the scenes you should do a good job and it and just master it.  I am not talking like the 101 course where you never handle the roll you just have theory about how it should feel on your butt and or in your fingers but not the actual application of passing it on your buttocks and the proper way of how to hang it.

I hope the geniuses at the Georgia pacific paper plant can take this to the next level and put tard arrow on the rolls for easy installation or even a photo and let them know that the when you see the picture or the arrow facing you that you did a good job.  Please get rid of that half ply shit in commercial businesses. That is just plain mean.  Nobody should be playing finger “peek a boo”.

The world doesn’t need the weatherman

When people think about politicians and the elections coming up people often believe how dishonest these political figures are, well in fact they can lie until they are blue in the face and don’t hold a candle next to the high paid, Mr. Mac suit wearing weatherman.  This candy ass slick willy is out to screw you in every way possible.  This menace to society is far worse than the mosquito.  His ass is truly viral in every way, on every smart phone, tablet, computer, television, and radio station.

And guess what?  His psychic Olga bullshit predictions are worse than a prediction this person is almost wrong 100 percent of the time.  WTF?

But don’t worry I am sure he has cool hair make makes 200K plus a year to tell you the weather is sunny and then it rains, or it’s going to rain and it’s hot as hell and you see nothing.

If I could rewrite the 10 commandments number 2 would be “Though shalt not trust the weatherman”.  Get you but outside and check yourself.

It would be cool if we can umbrellas to protect us from the weatherman’s bullshit.. We could call it a “bullshitbrella” to protect us from all of his shit falling from the sky.

From me to weatherman I bless you with colon problems because you are so full of shit that you must have a lot of it up there so i want you to have more.


Internet Privacy Importance of the Proxy (I to the P)

To make you all feel better security is an illusion,it’s almost like Linus and Charlie Brown with the blanket. Its nice to hold onto and say but if it’s digital it’s backdoor’d and has been since 2004.

I will show you a few things and all you can do it jump, make it dirty, and encrypt.  It seems these days everyone wants this useless data on everyone to sell, manipulate, mine, etc.

The best thing you can do to data either A make it non existent or B make it dirty.  Once it’s dirty it’s worthless.

Internet / Cell Phone providers are all on the take and are the worst and filtering internet traffic.   If you lived in China they are all about censorship, what you see what you do and in the name of protection.  How would science every develop if someone oversaw your every thought or action?

One night I was on the net drinking a few bottles of wine on my favorite torrent site clicked on a music from an artist I have never even heard of.  The next day when I woke up they had pushed a copyright message to all of my servers, phones, tablets, etc.

I had to log in and acknowledge what I downloaded.  Talk about getting busted for shit.. It took just that one time before I know the ISP was filtering everything coming in and out of my network so I only use private Proxy services from then on.

TOR is always being talked about (The Onion Routing) Network.. it’s slow as hell and full of man in the middle exit nodes and shit.  I can’t trust it at all.  You can use it if you have more patience then before dial up existed.  I can’t list the source I use for mine but it has been very good overall.  I would get some non logging service outside the US.  That way when you use it your ISP can only see encrypted traffic going out to servers outside of the country and can’t log everything you do.

I would also setup the web browsers and apps with static settings if you are really concerned about privacy.  This is just in case it disconnects it doesn’t default back to your real location.

I was reading a an article about Audio Fingerprinting last month and it will make you open your eyes.  Everything is traceable but you don’t need ads pushed in your face all day long trying to sell you crap.

Look into an anonymous proxy service and not HMA that is already backdoor’d.

Another thing is a great password manager like Keepassx it is the best thing out there because it resides on your machine and not on the internet and it has worked great for me.  One thing I like is you can search the database so quickly to find what you want. Great password manager and worth the download, it’s truly old school.

Last but not least “Make it Dirty”..    Have multiple email addresses and data you can use to mix things up a bit and if you don’t feel comfortable giving real information out then don’t.   Let them sell your junk over and over.  Or change the data once it’s setup to junk data.  Just make sure that if its money related you always pay your bill.. As long as it’s not fraudulent there isn’t much they can do.  For all the other rewards system’s out there selling your data to marketing companies and telemarketers they want to sell you shit so you might as well give it to them.



DAF (Dumb as F@!%)

Most of these outbound call center people selling timeshares and vacations seem to be drunk or just plain fucked up before you get your phone call.   Knowing that a head of time when they call me I like to answer the phone and quickly say “Hello is Amus there?”.

As soon as I do that is short circuits their fucking brain and they timeout and usually hang up.  Since they are calling you they are wondering how the fuck you just called them?

I have been testing these for a while since those assholes at net2phone.com put me on a spam list for buying their phone service I have had a bit of practice.

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