Raspberry Pi Project

Raspberry Pi Project

The Raspberry Pi projects is a mini computer which you assemble and can make it act as an appliance that works great for a home office or small office. I have found them super stable and reliable and are zero maintenance as far us uptime goes. You do need to configure it well from the start and then you are good to go.

I own two of them and have used them for two different projects. One was an Asterisk VOIP Server on a Raspberry Pi and the other is an Ad Blocker for my network and that is PI-Hole.

For those of you starting out I would recommend ordering this kit from amazon because it has everything you need to get up and running at once and its the latest raspberry pi with good memory and will run the application very well.

Here are some cool projects I did with two different Pi’s

  1. Asterisk Phone System – This system will do just about anything up to about 5 phone lines (SIP LINES) max before pushing the unit too hard. Anything larger than that you should look at a larger computer to handle it.
  2. Ad Blocker for the network called a Pi Hole. The Pi Hole is super cool and works really well for including smart TV’s and things you normally can’t filter. You are able to customize your blocklists.

For the phone system I purchased lines called SIP Trucks from Sangoma Sipstation and once you pay for the lines which carry a contract for better pricing you add them to your Asterisk box and once properly setup you can use your voice over IP desk phone or software apps of your choice on your computers and smart phones to make calls.

The pricing for the SIP trucks isn’t the cheapest but overall the stability and clarity I am very happy up to this point. I have been a customer of Sipstation for about two years now and will continue as alone as they keep the good service up.